Jim And Tricia | Wedding Day Photo Booth

Congratulations to Jim and Tricia on their wedding day! Photo booth was a blast as always!

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Tricia And Jim – Engagement Session

This couple. Gosh. I don’t even know where to start. Not only are they a beautiful couple on the outside, but these two most certainly have hearts of gold. They talk about how excited they are to have Southern Jewel as their photo and video, but to be honest, we are more blessed to have them. Thank you Jim and Tricia for reminding us that there are amazing and giving people out there!

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Tricia and Jim SP-1 Tricia and Jim SP-2 Tricia and Jim SP-3 Tricia and Jim SP-4 Tricia and Jim SP-5 Tricia and Jim SP-6 Tricia and Jim SP-7 Tricia and Jim SP-8 Tricia and Jim SP-9 Tricia and Jim SP-10 Tricia and Jim SP-11 Tricia and Jim SP-12 Tricia and Jim SP-13 Tricia and Jim SP-14 Tricia and Jim SP-15 Tricia and Jim SP-16 Tricia and Jim SP-17 Tricia and Jim SP-18

Mat & Lindsey Wedding

I love the little details that make one wedding stand out from another.  This couple recorded the song that Lindsey came down the isle to and it is the song used in their highlight video.  This romantic song expresses their love for each other and joy that they found in each other!
 February 13, 2015
Greenville, SC
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Carlos & Natalie Engagement – Look Up Lodge

This couple had us cracking up the whole time! The amazing back drop of Look Up Lodge Christian Camp made for a perfect morning engagement session. It was such a pleasure to head back to a spot so special to Carlos and them as a couple! We had so much fun playing around and of course giving our guys a hard time for being Carolina fans (GO Tigers!!). So happy for this sweet couple! Congrats y’all!!

Look Up Lodge

Travelers Rest, SC

Engagement SP-1 Engagement SP-2 Engagement SP-3 Engagement SP-4 Engagement SP-5 Engagement SP-6 Engagement SP-7 Engagement SP-8 Engagement SP-9 Engagement SP-10 Engagement SP-11 Engagement SP-12 Engagement SP-13 Engagement SP-14 Engagement SP-15 Engagement SP-16 Engagement SP-17 Engagement SP-18

Erin & Stephen – Engagement

This couple was so precious and definitely kept us laughing the entire session! Erin ran track and Stephen played baseball for Furman University so it just made sense to head back to where it all started! From a race around the track to pitching and batting practice, this couple was up for it all! And of course, the study room where the spent a lot of time… studying.  Congrats to this super sweet couple!

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